Please be advised that SupplierPlus Ukraine's license to engage in factoring activities has been officially cancelled. Consequently, we are no longer included in the Register of Financial Companies.We regret any inconvenience this may cause to our clients and partners. We are committed to adhering to all regulatory requirements and are taking immediate steps to ensure full compliance with the law.

Factoring made easy

SupplierPlus makes reverse factoring easy, fast and affordable.

Buyers with a strong credit profile can release working capital, while Suppliers get paid instantly. It's a genuine win-win solution.

What is SupplierPlus?

SupplierPlus is a fintech platform that makes invoice finance easy.

Working capital finance should be easy and affordable
Invoice finance relies on a lot of work with documents and approvals, making it time-consuming and expensive. Clever use of technology can change that.

This is how reverse factoring works with SupplierPlus:

  • SupplierPlus is a 100% online platform that makes use of digital documents, electronic signatures and automatic data exchange;
  • SupplierPlus bases risk and pricing on the buyer’s credit profile. This reduces the cost of financing for suppliers;
  • Suppliers can now finance receivables at attractive terms:

Full payment
Invoices are paid 100% (less the financing fee)

Instant payment
Invoices are usually paid out on the same work day

Final payment
Invoices are sold on a non-recourse basis

How it works

SupplierPlus works in close co-operation between Buyers, Suppliers and Banks

  • Supplier delivers goods or services and issues an invoice
  • Buyer approves the invoice as usual and confirms it for payment on SupplierPlus
  • Supplier chooses if and when to sell approved invoices on SupplierPlus
  • Sold invoices are acquired by Banks with open credit limits
  • Buyer pays the invoice on the due date

What is Reverse factoring?

Reverse factoring allows trade partners to unlock working capital

Operate at desired payment terms without harming your Suppliers

Improve purchase pricing by increasing the cash turn-around ratio for Suppliers

No additional interest costs or loan obligations

Increase supply chain reliability and delivery stability

Strengthen your relationship with strategic suppliers

Develop your local SME sector by enabling better access to working capital

Access a new source of working capital at a time when banks limit SME financing

Sell invoices if and when you choose

No requirements to collateral, credit history or minimum volumes

Receive 100% of the invoice amount (minus discount) right after the sale

Fees are simple to calculate and based on actual financing volumes

No need to open or utilize the Supplier's own factoring limit

Finance Suppliers with varying credit profiles at the Buyer's risk level

Generate revenue from a broad range of Suppliers in one go, including smaller and cross-border entities

Tap into the rapidly expanding Supply Chain Financing market with low sales & operational efforts

Anti-fraud - avoid financing double-dipped & fictitious invoices

SupplierPlus acquires the claims and sells them forward, serving as the single counterparty for financiers

Access a new range of A-Category clients

Why choose SupplierPlus?

SupplierPlus helps decrease the cost of working capital. This is accomplished through an international network of financiers as well as automating the exchange of data, documents and approvals.


You get: 9 950

Expense: 50

Days: 30

*Amounts are indicative

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