Please be advised that SupplierPlus Ukraine's license to engage in factoring activities has been officially cancelled. Consequently, we are no longer included in the Register of Financial Companies.We regret any inconvenience this may cause to our clients and partners. We are committed to adhering to all regulatory requirements and are taking immediate steps to ensure full compliance with the law.


Factoring questions

  • Why use SupplierPlus?
    SupplierPlus simplifies all the processes necessary for receiving factoring financing from Creditors, selling invoices, receiving payments and settling claims.
  • Can I use your platform if my customers are from different countries?
    Yes, you can as long as your customer is signed up to the platform as a Debtor.
  • What happens if the Debtor does not pay the Creditor on the due date?
    The platform checks the payment term, notifies the parties about the upcoming payment and informs them about the delay. However, the Creditor accepts the risk of nonpayment by the Debtor, and the Debtor is obliged to pay. Claim collection is ultimately the responsibility of the Creditor.
  • How fast is the Supplier onboarding process, from first contact to receiving financing?
    As long as your customer is already on the platform as a Debtor, the sign-up can be completed and financing can be started in a single day.
  • Will the payment terms for my customers change after I start using the platform?
    SupplierPlus is not involved in setting the payment terms between Buyers and Suppliers. The Buyer is free to set their own conditions to Suppliers for using the financing solution.
  • Technical platform questions

  • What do I need to start using the platform?
    If your Buyer is already using the Platform, you will need to get an invitation from him. If your Buyer is not yet on the platform, contact us for more information:
  • How quickly will I receive payment once I’ve sold an invoice?
    If you sell an invoice in the morning, we aim to pay out on the same day. If you sell an invoice in the evening, you will get your payment next business day.
  • Can I use your platform on my smartphone?
    Not yet. We suggest using the SupplierPlus platform on your laptop or PC, preferably using Google Chrome. We do not recommend using a smartphone or tablet browser.
  • Payment questions

  • How much does SupplierPlus cost?
    The pricing is based on the Buyer's credit profile. The discount fee is charged only for the actual financing period, giving the Suppliers an opportunity to optimise their financing cost. There are no additional fees of any kind.
  • Who pays for the platform’s services?
    It depends on the type of factoring used. Under SupplierPlus’s standard solution, reverse factoring, the Supplier pays for the service via the discount on financed invoices.
  • What is included in the payment fee?
    Payment fee includes financing costs and platform margin. No additional costs.
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